"It's easy to get lost in the small details of life and lose sight of what’s important, that is why I work to keep it simple and stay focused on the big picture.  I want to work with dreamers, world changers, and see-beyonders to help bring that big picture to screens near you." 

Two time nominee for the Mary Austin Award for Best Producer, Rochel Goldsmith is an award winning Independent Producer. Nominated for multiple Producing awards after her first short film, The Moment I Was Alone, she set off on a speeding track toward success. She has worked with many Directors, Screenwriters, and Actors to create pieces that will move and astound you. Her films have received numerous nominations and awards at reputable film festivals, such as the Carmel International Film Festival and the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. In 2017 she started the production company, Frame Of Reference Entertainment, with her directing partner, Kellen Gibbs.


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For inquiries, email rochelgoldsmith@gmail.com